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Arctic Beauty PearlsThe Arctic Circle of Finnish Lapland may be cold, but it is far from lifeless. This last wilderness of Europe is teeming with life: the clean rivers, forests and marshlands offer a resort for a plentiful flora, consisting of rarities and specialities not found anywhere else.

Since the establishment of the company in 1991, Aromtech has focused on the research of Northern plant species in view of their value for human health and well-being. Dedicated work has resulted not only in new, richer sources of well-known bioactives, but also in completely new product concepts. Such trademarks as Omega7®, Membrasin® and Ribesin®, are recent examples of Aromtech’s nutraceutical products which offer targeted formulas with substantiated health effects. ArctiCare® a range of unique active ingredients for personal care, is continuously enriched by newly doscovered attributes of Plant Kingdom of the North.

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